There's Nothing Like a New Coat of Paint

There's Nothing Like a New Coat of Paint

Put the finishing touch on a repaired or restored car

If your car has been in an accident or suffered any other damage, it may need paint. This could mean touch-up paint or a whole paint job. The experts at Teo Gama Paint & Body are ready to take care of your vehicle and give it the best paint job possible.

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How is auto body paint applied to your car?

The process of painting a car is different than painting a picture or a wall. The type of paints and the processes are unique. To apply new auto body paint to a car, you must:

  • Remove all the rust
  • Straighten all dents and divots
  • Fill any gaps with filler
  • Prime the car with a high-quality primer
  • Choose your paint
  • Cover areas that can't be painted
  • Mix and spray the paint

Make sure you are using professional supplies for every step of this process. Better yet, leave auto body painting to the professionals.

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