Bring Back the Beauty of Your Classic Car

Bring Back the Beauty of Your Classic Car

Full auto restoration from the frame to the finishes

The team at Teo Gama Paint & Body is ready to help you with more than just your auto repair needs. Our crew is also trained in classic car restoration. So, if you've got a classic vehicle that could use some work, bring it to our shop. We'll get you a quote on restoring your car to its classic condition.

We love to see cars brought back to their full potential. Trust your classic car to the team at Teo Gama Paint & Body.

Specializing in both cosmetic and mechanical restoration

Restoring a car is a two-fold process. The mechanical systems, including the engine and all the parts that make it run, must be brought up to road-worthy standards. Then, the exterior must be replaced, repaired and detailed until it shines with its former glory. Our team is ready to make both types of repairs. With some time and effort, your car will look just as beautiful as it did years ago.

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